The Booking Process


Fill Out The Contact Form

Below is where you can submit a contact form. In there, tell me a little message about yourself and what you're looking for.


Read Pricing guide + Complete Questionnaire

Lost at what to do? Don't worry, as soon as I receive your contact form, I will send you a pricing guide and questionnaire. This will narrow down exactly what you are looking for.


Sign Contract + Pay Deposit

Once we solidify a date, you'll sign a contract and pay a 25% deposit that will go towards your remaining balance. Once both of these things are completed, your date is officially in my books.


Create + Plan

What to wear and where to go? Plan plan plan! I can help in this area a lot so let me know what your concerns or ideas are!

Contact Form

Want to know more about me and my pricing? Fill out my contact form so we can get this thing started! Tell me about yourself and any other information that may help us plan our day together!