Meet My Little Ohana

These two awesome humans next to me are my husband, Tony and my son, Tyson. Tony was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I met him back in 2017 while he was stationed in Hawaii. Sadly, after a year of meeting him he PCS'd to Florida. In 2020 we found ourselves happily married and soon after in 2022, I gave birth to an amazing baby boy!

My life did a 180 in such a small amount of time. Even though I am still trying to catch my breath in it all, I know that God's timing is perfect timing.


What I believe in...


I want our time together to be enjoyable and a stress free zone. So if you are running late or your kids just aren't cooperating on our session, don't worry. I do my best to adapt to you and your kids! If they are a worry for you before our session, just let me know. I have tips and tricks to help kids stay in tuned in our session. Try to plan ahead as much as possible because our time together is limited due to the sun rising or setting.


In Hawaii we have a proverb called, Mālama ʻĀina. It means to honor and care for the land. A practice that is so widely held by Hawaiians. The saying was learned at a very young age. As the girl scouts would say, leave no trace! Dispose of your trash, leave what you find, respect the wildlife and others around you.

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